An startling fusion of technology, comfort and driver experience!!

By Sanjeev Kumar G

The Rapid has been around since 2011 and since then, never failed to awe to car gazers on the road. With an engine capable of producing 175Nm, the car pulls off the road like a jet

You might as well want to look at the Rapid's competition, the Vento which comes in the same engine. Oh Btw, Rapid and Vento come out from the same assembly line, if you already didn't know!

The automatic transmission is so smooth that if you want to increase the speed a tad, the shift happens without you knowing it at all
Sanjeev Kumar G
Interestingly the Rapid is as quick as the VW Vento TSI
Interestingly the Rapid is as quick as the VW Vento TSI and surprisingly even though both of them share the same components, this Skoda is a tad quicker than the Vento TSI automatic
For a sportier drive, you can shift to sport mode and the car responds back by giving a throttle which is slightly higher than the Vento TSI AT. The downshifts are a bit jerky and if you want to slow down at a signal, the jerks are felt!
Sanjeev Kumar G
The ZERO to 6 kmph shift is too aggressive and you can be caught surprised

Is this Skoda a bit different than the Monte Carlo version?

There is no much difference