The new Mercedes S Class is a lion on the road

By Sanjeev Kumar G

Mercedes rolled out their flagship S-Class S 500 on Monday which marks the beginning of the whole new dimension that the carmaker is moving towards.

The S-Class 500 is a beautiful swan in its class which commands respect of car gazers on the road. Here's how a test drive feels

We aim to hit higher veritcals this quarter. This will be the first in its class to actually have much sophisticated features compared to the existing ones!
Sanjeev Kumar G
Class in its own vertical, other carmakers have no words!
BMW, Audi go into a huddle to match the S class
Mercedes S500 L 4 Matic 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine inline, the engine provides enough thrust and power that makes you feel that you're flying on the road
Sanjeev Kumar G
This car is fitted with 20 inch multi spoke AMG styling rims.

How do you see the future of Merc S-class?

This is simply a class apart which promises more brightness in the future. Thanks!